OutdoorMaster Bungee Dog Leash, Improved Dog Safety & Comfort


  • The OutdoorMaster Promise: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Stretchy Bungee Dog Leash that Reduces Risk of Injury and Increases Comfort.
  • Soft Padded Handle for Ultimate Comfort. Handy Quick Release and Connect Buckle.
  • Length: 36.5 inches (contracted) – 48 inches (stretched)
  • What You Get: OutdoorMaster Bungee Dog Leash, our customer-favorite 6-month warranty and friendly customer service.
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    Product Description

    Keeps Your Dog Safe
    The OutdoorMaster Tactical Bungee Dog Leash has a unique formula of flexibility and strength that dissipates quick forces and optimizes comfort and safety for both you and your dog. When your dog take off unexpectedly, you won’t get a bone jarring shock and instead, the bungee effect of the elastic leash will lessen the impact on your arm and back?. The OutdoorMaster Tactical Bungee Dog Leash is perfect for young and energetic dogs.

    Reduced Fatigue
    Run, walk, or hike longer as the bungee works for you to eliminate wasted energy spent fighting to counteract unwanted forces.

    Maximum Control
    An extra control handle is placed close to the buckle of the leash for extra control.

    Maximum Comfort
    Made with ultra-comfortable tubular nylon webbing, this bungee dog leash will “roll” in your hand when under stress instead of digging in your hand like regular flat nylon does. EVA padding on both handles for ultimate comfort.

    Quick Release and Connect Buckle
    The quick release and connect buckle allows for fast and convenient release and connect of your dog.

    – Length: 36.5 inches (contracted) – 48 inches (stretched)
    – Width: 1 inch
    – Main Material: 1000D Nylon
    – EVA Padded control handle
    – Ideal for Alaskan, Samoyed, Shepherd, Su Mu, Golden, Tibetan mastiff, and other similar dog breeds

    Package includes:
    1 x OutdoorMaster Tactical Dog Training Leash

    Improvements of Advanced Dog Leash as following:
    1) New convenient and durable clip as picture
    2) New comfortable padded main handle
    3) As the length solution of the original dog leash, we increased 1.5 inches of leash between clip to lower handhold , and 2 inches of bungee strap, 3.5 inches in total


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