Tactical Pen for Self-Defense + LED Tactical Flashlight, Bottle Opener, Window Breaker | Multi-Tool for Everyday Carry (EDC) Survival Gear | For Military, Police, SWAT | Gift Boxed + Extra Ink


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    Product Description

    Take FlightTake Flight

    It’s impossible to know when crisis will strike, & preparation could make the critical difference that matters.

    But walking around with a full survival kit seems like overkill?

    The 4-in-1 Tactical Pen is the discreet & practical way to stay ready for anything. With the strength & power to smash a car window, fend off an assault, & shine light …all while taking notes or clipped on your pocket.

    Stay safe & secure discreetly without having to carry dangerous or heavy items.

    Carry TakeFlight every day & be prepared when crisis comes your way.

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    Gadgets for MenGadgets for Men

    Aircraft Grade Machined Aluminum

    Carried every day by Navy SEALS, SWAT, & Military Pilots, TakeFlight Tactical Pens are relied upon by the pros.

    The same grade of aluminum used in aircraft is CNC machined for maximum strength to weight ratio.

    In a crisis window breaking rescue, fending off an assault, or just wanting a pen that will last forever, strength is a vital priority.

    A tactical pen only provides as much security as it’s strength, & TakeFlight is all about strength.

    Coolest Pen in the OfficeCoolest Pen in the Office

    Discreet | Always Ready for Crisis

    Versatility across crisis scenarios is crucial for truly tactical preparation.

    We’ve packed all the essentials without anything you don’t need, focusing on strength & quality.

    Ballpoint Pen
    Glass Breaker Tip
    LED Tactical Flashlight
    Bottle Opener
    2 x Extra Refillable Ink Cartridges
    Extra Flashlight Battery

    LED Flashlight

    LED Flashlight


    Glass Breaker

    Glass Breaker


    Veteran Owned Business

    Veteran Owned Business



    During power blackouts or when walking alone at night, shining a light on the situation can prevent disaster.

    Plus, it’s just plain convenient when looking for your keys or when walking near roadways.

    The LED tactical flashlight also comes with a spare battery.

    Emergency Escape Glass Breaker

    Whether to rescue or escape an emergency, the glass breaker tip has the greatest potential to save a life.

    Car doors jammed after an accident, windows that won’t open in a fire, or fighting off an attacker are all potentially deadly scenarios for those unprepared.

    U.S. Veteran Owned Business

    Designed, owned, & operated by a United States military veteran with real world tactical experience.

    Our unique expertise allowed us to design a Tactical Pen that focused solely what matters to keep it’s carrier safe in a discreet & lightweight way.

    ✔️RUGGED & HEAVY DUTY GADGETS || “The Pen is Mightier…” Has Never Rung More True! – Durable and Rugged, Made from CNC Machined AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM for Superior Strength. This cool pen multitool has been used by military pilots, Navy SEALs, first responders and other challenging professions and has stood up well to the rigors of daily use. If you’ve had issues with pens breaking in your pocket or bag and ruining your gear, this is the perfect solution to your problem.
    FEEL SAFE WITH THIS SELF DEFENSE TOOL IN YOUR POCKET || Safeguard Against Attackers in Emergency Situations with this Kubotan Style Pen. There are lots of self-defense products on the market, but we don’t always remember to carry them with us. Whether you’re facing the zombie apocalypse or just trying to get by WTSHTF, this is a great addition to your personal survival gear.
    EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE AS AN EVERYDAY USE PEN in Addition to Tactical Features. At 6” x 0.6”, Functions and Looks Like Any Other High Quality Pen. Clip to your MOLLE System or Carry in Your Pocket, Briefcase, Laptop Bag, Backpack, Purse, or Bug-out Bag. Perfect for Your Rite in the Rain Book.
    DON’T GET TRAPPED || Crash Safe Emergency Tool. Glass Breaker Can be Utilized to Crack a Window for Escape. Perfect for Military, Police, Emergency Responders, and Every-day Carry (EDC).
    VETERAN-OWNED U.S. BRAND YOU CAN TRUST || 1 Year Unlimited Warranty || 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not thrilled, simply contact us via our seller account and we’ll replace your item or process a refund. | FREE BONUS! – Extra Replacement Smooth Writing Black Ink Refill. Compatible with Standard Refills.


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